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[$30] The Iron Maiden

Simple cut and fade. We cut your song at appropriate location to match your length requirements, then apply a fade (if necessary) for a smooth beginning and/or ending.

[$35] The Metallica

Advanced cut. We will take out sections from the middle of the song to shorten it to the required length, taking care to mix the cut portions for a smooth transition. Cut and fade at the end will be applied as necessary.

[$40] The Gorod

Lengthening. We will take sections of your song and add them to the end and middle of the song as necessary to make the song longer. This is a more advanced edit and may require a little more time to get just right.

[$45] The Sabaton

Multiple songs end to end. Sometimes you don't need a crazy mash up and just need a few songs strung together with a few edits in between! This is a more advanced edit as we'll have to match up each song to flow properly and may require a little more time to get just right.

[$60] The Pnath

Mash-up. We will take songs of your choosing and work with you to mash them together to create a unique mix. This is the most advanced edit and may require additional time to get just right.

Additional Services

Choreography Assistant

Electronic documentation of the final edited song in Microsoft Excel for choreography purposes includes lyrics, beats, times, and a space for your choreography notes. Will be provided via email.

[$35] Existing song.
[$25] With cut package.

What's Included in the Package Price?

  • Editing as per chosen package description.
  • MP3 of final edited song via email.

What we'll need from you

  • Submission through order form.
  • Payment upon receipt of invoice. Work will begin upon receipt of payment.
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What Else Do We Offer?

  • A Customer Portal through which you can view the status of your orders and communicate with the editor.
  • Dance video shoot sessions.
  • Professional video services for dance competitons and showcases.
  • Editing of video resumes and skill reels.
  • Contact us for more details!